Library and Publishing Services of T.E.I. of Western Macedonia

Head Librarian
Lappa Maria Librarian Tel. +302461040161-5 dial 105

Central Library
Circulation Desk
Tel. +302461068203, +302461040161-5 dial 203
Acquisitions and Material Processing Office
Dimopoulou Dimitra Librarian Tel. +302461040161-5 dial 206

Serials Office
Patra Eleni Librarian Tel. +302461040161-5 dial206

Information Literacy Office
Zachos Vasilis Librarian Tel. +302461040161-5 dial 174

IT & Network Office
Sapalidis Kostas Electrical and Computer Engineer, MSc Quality Assurance Tel. +302461040161-5 dial 174

Grevena Branch Library
Tel. +302462087724

Kastoria Branch Library
Tel. +302467087183, fax: +302467087063 E-mail:
Mpourtsos Athanasios Librarian Tel. +302467087183

Florina Branch Library
Tel. +302385054667, E-mail:
Melidou Pelagia Librarian Tel. +302385054667
Perivolari Magda Librarian Tel. +302385054667